About Sloane Asia Group

Sloane’s Brand Heritage

Sloane is a registered trademark of Sloane Asia Group. The umbrella brand ‘Sloane’ (ˌsləʊn) is pronounced as “si-long” in Putonghua, with a similar sound of “事隆”or “是龍”in Cantonese dialect with a meaning of prosperity in things or raised up as a dragon. In London of Europe, Sloane is both a high street area and a stereotype of young, upper class or upper-middle class people who share distinctive and common lifestyle traits.

Sloane Asia Group Focuses on Banking Workforce Management

Sloane Asia Group is a specialized workforce management group for the banking, finance, investment and insurance industries. The Group commits to recruitment and outsourcing services for banking and financial services clients in Asia.

Banking Executives and Skilled Managers are assets to banking and financial businesses at all times
London and Europe – A Leading Global Financial Hub in the West

Sloane Asia Group’s Six Business Divisions

Sloane Asia is distinguished by six unique divisions:

Sloane Asia Group: BPO Outsourcing, Training and Career Management for Skilled Banking Managers

Sloane Manhattan offers BPO Outsourcing through Anchors division, Thought Management Leadership Training through Passion division, and Canary Career Management for clients to manage their workforce in different economic cycles. Skilled managers and workforce are well equipped, counselled, trained, coached to grow and develop their banking and financial services career.

Sloane Asia Group: Banking Workforce Management Services

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