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Summary: Sloane Asia Group’s Recruitment & Outsourcing Business Divisions

Sloane Asia Services  Brand Sloane Asia Business Division in Chinese Positioning External Partnership Functions Partnership Solution Nature Targeting Banking Sector Finance Sector Securities Sector Insurance Sector
Sloane Financial 萬豐 Banking Executive Search / Board Advisory Retainer, Exclusive, On Target, Confidential Search C-Suite, Directors, Group Heads Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sloane Manhattan 萬盛 Specialist Recruitment Contingency, Volume Senior Managers, Expert Managers, Lines, Team Heads Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anchors by Sloane 安佳思 Generalist Staffing Volume Recruitment Junior Managers and Front-line staff Yes Yes Yes Yes
Passion 百盛 Leadership Training Proprietary, Customized Thought Leadership Training Yes No No No
Anchors 安佳思 BPO Outsourcing Volume Supportive, Technical Staffing Yes No Yes No
Canary 加能 Career Management Volume Functional, Out-placement Yes Yes Yes Yes