Pássion Banking Management & Leadership Training – Thought Leadership

The performance of an organization’s leadership is contingent on the degree of variance in timeframes, markets, competitiveness and quality of various business units at each level of the business. Pássion by Sloane Manhattan offers Thought Leadership programs which include the following modules:

M1: Foresight Leadership
M2: Concentric Customers
M3: Strategies & Insights
M4: Aligning Cultural Shift
M5: Merger Integrations
M6: New Team Dynamics
M7: Services Design Era
M8: Sales Catalysts  


Banking & Finance Leadership Training Services

Precise positioning to create the most profitable Market (M), with appropriate resources to attract, satisfy and retain Customers (C) to make repeat purchase of the services or products to support business growth.

Pássion Leadership Training Model

With Passion Leadership, it will help leaders identify the profitable market to satisfy customers with the most appropriate strategy.

What is Pássion SLMC Soft Skill Training?

SLMC embraces some of the essential criteria outlined by International Quality Awards. Sloane Asia Group understands that Strategy (S) is to help business leaders select the Leadership (L) determines proper motivational approaches to lead teams to move efficiently to execute company strategy.

Typical 1-day or half day program by Pássion Training Team

  • Managing Change
  • Focus Strategies
  • Leadership and Profits
  • Managing High Performance
  • Managing Team Dynamics
  • Market Strategies
  • Negotiating for win-win
  • Innovation: The Myth
  • Positioning Strategies
  • Human Capital to win
  • Business Origination
  • Business Execution
  • Contingency Leadership
  • Segmenting Market
  • Targeting Market

Pássion Leadership Training Modules

1. Managing Strategy

2. Managing Leadership

3. Managing Market

4. Managing Customers